Reborn is my song the melody of my heart. On my way to my self after being abandoned in Australia as a boy of 15 years old and who was good and bad as it was then had to find his way in his life. It is a true story that is read by many with disbelief. I turned each stone around to give a clear picture of my journey to myself. I take you to places where nobody should be, but for the growth and prosperity of my life they were indispensable. But also other places where the dance of life was not lacking from high to low from low to high with always the drowning in mind. Unforced, my trip (Odyssey) brought me to places like India Pune Osho (Bhagwan) but also singing in Greece, Austria and many other countries. Uitgever: Luka van den Driesschen-Spirit on Sound

                           Working on a new Album in the Studio of Richard Poot.



 Here is my song - Here is my melody which i have sang and written all over the world finding me finding you. its my Odyssee my way going nowhere following my footsteps in the sand of living looking up and breathing in harmony, touching soul speaking to the Goddess of Perissa on the Island Santorini in my cave Parakas and getting many answers. Blessed have i been to write so many Aforisme 500 and take many photo to inspire me and you. So here i share my Trilogie...It also include the true story of my visit to India Pune 1990 being there seeing Osho (Bhagwan) leave his body. And write and record 40 songs a historic moment .Having called me Swamie Alok Gayaka (Singer of light) Its my wonderful gift to you from me. Many songs have i sang around the world and recorded.Even now we are working on a new album in the studio of here in Holland my wonderful producer and arranger being Richard Poot. it is and going to be wonderful . Loving to share  on my new web site all which is about to happen in the year 2019. I will be followed by a majoor TV station VPRO here in the Nederlands where next year they also will be present at the presentation of the new album....and who knows whats more going to happen. i say NAMASTE . I will keep you up to date.




                                                     PAINTING BY SANJEEV SHARMA

  Luka Van Den Driesschen

Luka van den Driesschen is an accomplished singer, songwriter poet and performer. His soulful mix of pop/new age music has broad appeal with its positive messages. His passion is to write songs that reflect his personal relationship with light and life's struggles in a very real way. His warm edgy vocals are full of emotion and are complimented by the supporting band made up of talented and experienced musicians. Luka is aso a author of books like Reborn and Trilogy all available at Amazone and many other stores.. 



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