Try to see


Try to see the word through

 someone else’s eyes

It takes away your sorrow

Look deeper then beyond

Feel there hurt and there pain

Instead of thinking of your own

You will never be alone

Listen to what someone says

Feel what the feel in there ways


Because there are so many of you

That have days feeling blue

Deep down in everyone there is a child

That must have been hurt so long ago

The only thing that we can do

Is look through there eyes you know

feel the pain and try to understand

That we are all brothers and sisters

That need a friend


don’t shout someone down

When he is depressed or not around

Don’t say things that you don’t understand

First give a loving hand put your self in there place

If within you feel hate remember

There your brothers and sisters love them

don’t leave it to late


Your reward will be high way above the sky

Your own feelings will be so great

You will feel like your on top of a cloud

You will feel like screaming aloud

We are all brothers and sisters

No matter who we are

If we try to understand each other

We glow within more then the brightest star

Witch we are.


Luka van den Driesschen   









Here is my song - Here is my melody which i have sang and written all over the world finding me finding you. its my Odyssee my way going nowhere following my footsteps in the sand of living and breathing in hamony toching soul speaking to the Goddess of Perisssa on the Island Santorini in my cave Parakas.

blesses have i been to write so many Aforisme and take so many photo to inspire me and you so here i share  my Trilogy... Three in one... its my wonderful gift to you from me.

I was sitting silently on my front porch back in Australia. I was surrounded by kangaroos the moon was shining and the stars were bright and I was alone that night. Surrounded by the darkness, the warmth of the earth. And behind me I could feel the mountains reaching up to the sky. I was rocking my chair a little up and down and in my hand I held a cigarette and I was drawing on it heavenly. Sucking in life and some times a fly that just passed by.

With my other hand I was hitting the mosquitoes that were sucking me dry. I lifted up my head a little and focused my eyes on a star and wanted to speak and say so much to this star. And when I looked at this star tears were rolling down my cheeks and I lowered my head for way back in Australia I was always very sad. And I said star you always follow me around where ever I roam and yet I am a man so alone. With out a home. And than I lifted my head again and it was as if the star had come a little closer to me and he said....Don't you see.....Don't you see......And I had to be honest and I said no I don't see me....I don't see me. I feel lost I said I have traveled around so much always following the sun and I see the stars at night and the moon shine above me. I Have lived I said in a world with out love. That is why I often look in to the sky.

Than the star said but I love you ....And again I had to be honest and said I don't  know. Than the star spoke again and said the sun loves you and the moon and all the other planets. I couldn't believe my ears , I looked up in to the sky and not only at the star that spoke to me but to all the others and stated to see more than I ever saw before. Millions of stars were shining brightly. And on the right of me was the moon and they all sang together we love you come home soon. 

Tears were rolling down my cheeks but no longer of sadness, but I felt I was coming home. I no longer had that feeling that I was alone. and I kept opening my eyes more and more. And above me I saw this great light, that light went brighter and brighter. And all of a sudden I was no more.

I  Never had that feeling again except at the shore when I am near the ocean, I melt with the sea, than there is no me. And now I write this here in Rethymnon on the island of Crete. I look at the ocean at that wonderful sea. At night I lift my head to see the stars. I never seen them so bright. It in lightens my night .and the moon is here so strong, so powerful. And day after day I pick out that star the one that spoke to me, the one that at first said I love thee.......

I learned since than that this star lives in me and that I live in that star. And I want to keep on shining so brightly. With out wanting . It is difficult and I try with out trying. But I do a lot of crying walking away from my inner home. Than I feel sad again and so alone. But I feel that no star is far and I speak to that star all the time. be course I have learned he is not only mine but belongs also to you .This star is universal . It belongs to every one.

And where ever you are alone and you have so many scars and stories to tell. so many things that you still see at night..... And the pain is to great......There is a star hanging above your head alive and well.

This a story I wanted to tell. And maybe this is what they wanted to say at Christmas time that the star of Bethlehem is not only for Jesus but for you as well.

                                                                     Luka 1980